From my award winning mud cake recipe using the finest Belgian chocolate to my creative mouth watering dessert cakes, you and your guests will experience something special.

Why not choose our popular twix or hazelnut surprise cake, or try our delightful white chocolate and raspberry mud cake that will surprise and treat your guests. Mix your tiers to cater for a range of tastes. Invent your own for something extra special, as tastings are available on request

Cake selection


Belgian chocolate mud. Handmade from scratch to my national award winning recipe. Using the best quality ingredients makes this moist rich chocolate cake irresistible, you will want to keep coming back for more.

*White chocolate                                         *Dark chocolate

*Chocolate Marble                                     *Banana Choc Marble

*Mint choc Marble                                     *Orange choc Marble

*Strawberry Choc Marble                        *White Banana

*White Raspberry                                     *Butterscotch

*Caramel                                                    *Salted caramel

*Strawberries and cream                        *White blueberry lemon

*White berry passion                               *White passionfruit

*White caramel mac nut                          *White apple and maple

*White Ginger spiced                               *White raspberry Lemon

*White citrus                                              *White choc ripple

*White Orange, maple Pecan                   *Dark Hazelnut

*Dark Raspberry                                        *Dark Chilli Pepper

*Dark Rum and Raisin                              *Dark Date, Stout malt

*Dark cherry coconut brandy                   *Dark orange pecan

*Dark coffee pecan                                     *Dark blood orange

*Dark mocha                                               *Dark nutty caramel

*Dark caramel mac nut


Just like grandma used to bake. This traditional sponge cake is made soft and fluffy. Traditionally made with black forest filling or jam and cream, you can add any of our fillings to create your own tradition.

Cake flavour Vanilla, Chocolate or colour it for a bit of fun

Filling choose from filling list below


This moist rich chocolate base cake is made with nut meal and Belgian chocolate, perfect for clients with a gluten intolerance, however so tasty no-one will realize it’s gluten free.

Choose from white or dark chocolate, made with almond meal.

From there you can add any others flavours you like for example, orange, raspberries, honey, passionfruit


TWIX CAKE– made with layers of vanilla sponge or mud, biscuit, chewy caramel and luscious Belgian chocolate filling.

MARS BAR– Layers of moist chocolate cake, chocolate mars mousse and caramel.

CHERRY COCONUT SURPRISE- Layers of Belgian mud cake, cherry and coconut soft baked filling and chocolate butter cream

HAZELNUT SURPRISE– Layers of moist chocolate cake, hazelnut praline Belgian chocolate filling, and roasted hazelnuts.

COOKIES AND CREAM– Layered Belgian mud cake, vanilla butter cream with chocolate cookies mixed through

TURKISH DELIGHT- LayeredBelgian mud cake, Turkish delight jelly filling with chocolate butter cream

STICKY DATE- Layers white chocolate Belgian mud cake, with a date and caramel butter cream

MINT CHOC CHIP– Layers of moist chocolate cake, with a minty butter cream filling choc chips

VICE VERSA- Layers of Belgian mud or butter cake, with a mixture of rich milk and white chocolate filling

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE– Layers of chocolate sponge, vanilla butter cream and home made chocolate ripple biscuit

TOFFEE CRUNCH- Layers of white chocolate Belgian mud or vanilla butter cake, butterscotch filling with toffee pieces throughout

BERRY HEAVEN– Layers of white vanilla sponge, white chocolate ganache, rum and mix fresh berries

BLUEBERRY LEMON SWIRL- Layer of vanilla blueberry sponge, white chocolate ganache and swirls of lemon curd *NEW*

BLACKFOREST– Layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate cream, kirsch and black cherries

CAPPUCCINO- Layers of Belgian mud cake, with dark chocolate coffee filling and a layer of fluffy white chocolate filling. *NEW*

CHECKER BOARD– Layers of striped vanilla and chocolate sponge, vanilla mousse and milk chocolate mousse

TIRAMISU Made with layers of rich chocolate mud cakes, soaked coffee sponge and white chocolate ganache buttercream.

LAMINGTON– Layers of vanilla sponge cake coconut chocolate filling and raspberry jam



All the above dessert cake now can be used in the dessert jars, as well as our  mud cake flavours deconstructed.


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Hazelnut soft centre, Choc chip,  Triple layer, Marble, Coloured centre. Mix your flavors and colours


*White,dark or milk choc                         *Very Vanilla

*Sticky Date                                               *Cherry coconut

*Caramel                                                    * Salted caramel

*Lemon cheesecake                                   *Strawberry

*Hazelnut                                                   *Hazelnut caramel

*Butterscotch toffee                                  *Cookies and cream

*Mint slice                                                  *Raspberry passion

*Mocha                                                       *Cappuccino

*Black forest                                               *Lamington

*Tiramisu                                                   *Berry white choc

*Nutty caramel                                          *Blueberry lemon

*Lemon                                                       *Raspberry Lemon

*Citrus                                                        *Lolly

*Turkish Delight                                       *Mars

*Cherry ripe                                              *Honey comb

*Choc mint                                                *Choc ripple

*Caramel mac nut                                    *Golden Gaytime



Rollover fondant, plain and chocolate (any colour)

Chocolate Ganache- Dark, milk, white chocolate.

Butter cream- Multiple flavours and colours.

Chocolate pour over or chocolate wrap.