2017/2018 Wedding Cake Trends Melbourne

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It’s nearly the end of the first half of 2017 wedding season, and what a season it has been.

Semi naked cakes taking out top spot again for another 6 months. Wedding couples are starting to get creative with fillings, we are seeing more mixed tiers instead of one flavour. Lemon raspberry filling is still the top seller, with salted caramel and tiramisu coming in a close 2nd and 3rd. New flavours added this season were the lavender lemon curd and apple caramel pie for something fun and Delicious, perfect for those country weddings. Also added to the list is a custard filled sponge, a new take on the vanilla slice, also gluten free sponge cake so everyone can enjoy a slice of semi naked wedding cake.

Metallic’s are still the rage with pops of rose golds and copper becoming the norm, gold is still playing a big part. Although the gold foil cakes are starting to disappear which is great for the bridal couple’s wallets, many cake markers and using metallic paints and lustres to give similar effects.

Drizzle is in!!!! to give a little bit of indulgent flare to the couples cakes, caramel and chocolate drizzle are becoming bigger and bigger. We are also seeing metallic drizzle to match the season colour themes.

Fresh flowers are still a big hit, with more people choosing Australian native flowers and flowers surrounding the top of the cake table. Traditional linen covered cake tables are becoming less, with couples choosing wine barrels and rustic wooden tables to display there cakes on.

Buttercream cakes are still in, I don’t think we will see the old fashion fondant cake rise again for quite some time. However their are still plenty of cake places out there creating them, my love is for buttercream and yummy fillings.

The Biggest newest wedding trend, is private property weddings, Couples are opting to forgo the traditional reception center and creating there dream wedding in the backyard at home or at a family members property. So many things you can create from scratch when you have a piece of land as your blank canvas. For us this means cake and desserts, our dessert buffets being used for there sweet options and yummy food vans for there main. Ice cream and Gelato stands also becoming huge as the new sweets option. For those who don’t like sweets try a cheese buffet, house made relishes and pickles, fresh fruits, figs and toasted breads, yummo.

Donuts Donuts Donuts, the cupcakes and macarons are over and donuts are in. Have them stacked in a tower, on a dessert table all to themselves, or just hang them on a wall, yes I said hang them on a wall. All you have to do is find someone that make heaps of yummy flavours and your set. OH Wait we make 65 different flavours of donuts.

Take a look below for some of the hottest cakes and desserts of 2017